The Mystery of D.B. Cooper
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Who is D.B. Cooper? Directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker John Dower, this roller-coaster ride of a documentary brings to life the stories of four individuals fervently believed by their family and friends to be the mystery man who hijacked a 727 flying out of Seattle, exchanged passengers for $200,000 and four parachutes, then leaped from the plane over some of Washington state's roughest terrain, and was never heard from again. Almost 50 years later, the case continues to confound the FBI and inspire wild speculation as it remains the only unsolved airplane hijacking in United States history. A thrilling 90-minute whodunit, the film paints a dynamic portrait of a fabled fugitive whose unparalleled case is riddled with more questions than answers.
Starring Jo Weber, Tim Collins, Tina Mucklow
Director John Dower