Transworld Snowboarding's 20 Tricks, Vol. 3
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TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 20 Tricks Volume 3: Progression Sessions teams up with some of the world’s best pro snowboarders, including Danny Kass, Scott Stevens, Scotty Lago, Robbie Walker, Iikka Bäckström, Kyle Clancy, Luke Mitrani, Devun Walsh, Danny Davis, Drew Fuller, Peter Line, Jesse Burtner, Pat Milbery, Eddie Wall, Charles Reid, Mason Aguirre, Nick Dirks, and more, to help you progress your riding from the basics of a trick to advanced. All the tricks you want to learn are here in easy-to-follow echo sequences — you won’t miss a move with this new format. You’ll learn ten basic tricks followed by ten advanced variations. Start with a switch boardslide and then step it up to a half-Cab to five-0 to 180 out. This new format accelerates your progression. Just follow along — with moves this tight, you might just get sponsored.
Starring Danny Kass
Director Transworld Snowboards