Women First & Foremost: Volume 2 - Touching the Clouds with Pen and Plane
Robert Shurtleff fought with the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment during the American Revolution, suffering at least two wounds in battle. While this is hardly worth noting in our history books, what is worth noting is that Robert Shurtleff was a woman…a courageous young woman named Deborah Gannett who fought bravely disguised as a man. History by its expansive nature is selective. Perhaps, in the case of women, a bit too selective. Deborah Gannett is joined by generations of women who distinguished themselves in every phase of social accomplishment. From journalism to soaring about the clouds, in the stories of a few who accomplished so much, we find examples of that unique strength of character that allowed so many women to go beyond the boundaries of society.
Starring Rita Moreno, Dee Wallace
Director Scott Mansfield