Barbara Alyn Woods

Barbara Alyn Woods

Barbara Alyn Woods is an actress with over 20 years of steady work on television and in film. She appeared in small, single-episode roles almost exclusively for nearly a decade before earning her first major part at 35. Her first appearance came in 1988, and through the end of that decade and well into the '90s, Woods landed parts on such well-known sitcoms as "Married with Children," "The Golden Girls," and "Seinfeld." She also showed her dramatich chops on such classic TV dramas as "Picket Fences" and "Murder, She Wrote." It was in 1997 that she finally achieved a lead role, on the syndicated family comedy "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show," an adaptation of the movie from 1989. Woods played Diane Szalinski, the lawyer wife of inventor Wayne Szalinski, played by Peter Scolari. Woods appeared on all 64 episodes of the three-season show, which ended in 2000. By 2003, Woods landed another substantial part, as a lead supporting character on the long-running teen drama "One Tree Hill," a show focused on a group of high school kids in a fictional North Carolina town. Woods played Deb Scott, the remarried wife of Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), and mother of one of the main characters, Nathan Scott. The show began on the WB, and then in 2006 it was hosted by the then-newly created CW Network. In 2010, Woods landed a recurring role on the crime drama "The Gates."


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