Bing Bai

Bing Bai

A native of Shaanxi, China, popular actress Bing Bai was born with the name Chen Dong. Aspiring to perform from a young age, Bai learned to play the piano as a child, and in school began studying jazz and modern dance, and well as acting and singing. After graduation from Northwest University of Politics and International Law in Xi'an, Bai began acting in television and films in the mid-2000s, the 2007 Chinese movies "Crossed Lines" and "Call for Love" being among her first projects. In 2008, Bai acted in the romantic comedy "Fit Lover," and the following year she played herself alongside martial arts star Jackie Chan in the family film "Looking for Jackie" before taking home the prize for Best Newcomer at the Asian Film Awards. The actress was next given starring roles in the dramatic series "Shen hua" and the romantic drama "A Dream in Red Mansions," both made for Chinese television, before winning acclaim for her role in the 2011 battlefield epic "Shaolin," in which she again worked with Chan. Bing Bai's next project was the lead in director Patrick Kong's drama "Yin Hun Nan Nv," and in 2012 she appeared in her biggest film yet, Dante Lam's action blockbuster "The Viral Factor."