Maria del Mar

Actress Maria Del Mar shares her name with the frontwoman of the Canadian goth rock group National Velvet but little else; she's been a recognizable presence in both Canadian and American TV series and films since the early '90s. After graduating from the University of Carleton in Ottawa, Ontario, Del Mar landed a huge break in 1989 when she was cast in major roles on two Canadian prime-time series; the newsroom drama "E.N.G." and the award-winning "Street Legal." She portrayed Martha Antonelli, the dramatic ex-wife of a troubled reporter, for two years on "E.N.G.," which followed the staff of a fictional Toronto news station, and appeared as conniving lawyer Laura Crosby on six seasons of the massively popular "Street Legal." In 1995, she joined the cast of "TekWar," based on "Star Trek" actor William Shatner's series of futuristic novels about a mind-altering drug named "tek," and later appeared in the short-lived American sci-fi drama "Mercy Point" as a military doctor catering to both human and aliens. After playing a tough-as-nails Toronto police inspector in the urban crime series "Blue Murder," Del Mar landed a starring role in "Terminal City" as an ailing actress who revitalizes a fading reality show. She also landed a guest role as a government agent on the political thriller "24."