Michael Whaley

Actor Michael Whaley was most commonly known for his roles in television dramas. Whaley started his acting career in various dramas, including "Midnight Caller" (NBC, 1988-1991) and "I'll Fly Away" (NBC, 1991-93). He additionally landed roles in the TV movies "Running Against Time" (USA, 1990-91) and "Under Cover" (ABC, 1990-91). Whaley started in the industry by acting in films like the comedy "Class Act" (1992) with Christopher "Kid" Reid. Several more television roles followed in the nineties, including stints on "Living Single" (Fox, 1992-98) and "Party of Five" (Fox, 1994-2000). Later, he earned a role in "Separate Lives" (1995). Recently, he tackled roles on "Vengeance Unlimited" (1998-99), "Strong Medicine" (Lifetime, 1999-2005) and "CSI: Miami" (CBS, 2002-2012). He also was featured in the TV movie "The Poseidon Adventure" (NBC, 2005). Most recently, Whaley acted on "Secrets & Lies" (ABC, 2014-).