About is Love
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On the outside, Wei Qing (Yan Xi) seems to be a man who has it all. Working as a high-ranking corporate executive, Wei Qing has all the money, power, and respect a man in his position would possess. But beneath that composed exterior lies a soul who has been grievously wounded.  Having been involved in a rather traumatic incident in his youth, Wei Qing struggles with a severe case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Scarred by his past, Wei Qing has developed an inability to interact with women. Having spent the past ten years trying to find someone who might be able to help him, Wei Qing was on the verge of giving up when fate decided to intervene. In a drunken encounter, Wei Qing finds himself crossing paths with Zhou Shi (Xu Xiao Nuo), a pretty young art student who, oddly enough, doesn’t trigger his OCD. Hoping Zhou Shi might be the only one able to help him, Wei Qing proposes an arrangement that promises to be beneficial to them both. Agreeing to his terms, Zhou Shi has no idea she’s setting them both on a course that will change their lives forever; but will this change be for the better? A story of love and healing, “About is Love” is a 2018 Chinese romance drama directed by Xu Pei Shan.