Be Loved in House: I Do
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Ten years ago, Seisei Studio was a successful business, well on its way to making a profound mark on the world. Unfortunately the company’s luck only lasted so long. Now on the brink of bankruptcy, the company and all of its employees are desperately searching for a miracle. Incredibly enough, they happen to find one and his name is Jin Yu Zhen (Aaron Lai).  An exceptional talent, with keen business sense and extraordinary management skills, Jin Yu Zhen steps into the role of Seisei’s new director and immediately turns the place around. Promising to carry the company into greatness once more, Yu Zhen has only one rule he asks his new employees to follow: No in-office dating, romance, or marriage. After announcing that anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately dismissed, Yu Zhen goes about his business but his stunned employees refuse to let him get away with such a ridiculous rule.  Determined to make Yu Zhen abolish his only rule, the office’s king of tsundere, Shei Lei (Hank Wang), approaches the new director with a very clear plan. But in his attempt to soften Yu Zhen’s heart, Shei Lei finds his own heart in danger, especially once he realizes his boss’ tough exterior hides a broken heart, yearning for love.  A story of love and healing, “Be Loved in House: I Do” is a 2021 romance drama directed by Chiang Ping-Chen.
Starring Aaron Lai