Divorce Lawyer in Love
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Go Cheok Hee, and So Jeong Woo is a match made in hell! Together, they work at a law firm; she is the divorce lawyer and her office manager. Cheok Hee constantly treats Jeong Woo as her personal slave, but to spite her, he always manages to point out her mistakes and call her \u201CChucky\u201D behind her back. Then suddenly, Cheok Hee gets slapped with a malpractice suit and loses her license leaving both without a job. After their falling out, Jeong Woo decides to go to law school and becomes an accomplished lawyer with his very own office manager. Ironically, the tables have turned, and Cheok Hee now manages his front desk. Of course, Jeong Woo decides to enact his petty revenge as one does after years of torture and torment.