Eight Hours
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In the world of technology, there are two names everyone seems to know: Ye Tian (Tong Meng Shi) and Bai Wei (Xiao Yan). Though experts in different branches of technology, the president of Azure Group and black tech genius, Ye Tian, and the augmented reality expert, Bai Wei, seem to be constantly pitted against each other. Destined to be enemies for life, the two find themselves forming an unlikely alliance after tragedy strikes. When news breaks that Ye Tian has been involved in an accident and is now lying comatose in a local hospital, the acting heads of the Azure Group agree the time is right to release his life’s greatest work. Known as the “Pangu” system, Ye Tian’s immersive fantasy world is released to the public. Unable to resist the hype, Bai Wei is among the first to enter Ye Tian’s fantasy realm and is immediately impressed. As amazing as “Pangu” is, Bai Wei is truly shocked when she stumbles across Ye Tian’s real-world consciousness, trapped within “Pangu”.  Explaining what happened to him, and the connection his in-game consciousness has with his real-world self, Bai Wei agrees to put aside their differences and help Ye Tian. But finding a way to get a virtual consciousness back into a real-world body is anything but easy. Will they find a way to bring Ye Tian back before the last remnants of his mortal self are deleted, permanently? A story of high stakes and boundless love, “Eight Hours” is a 2022 Chinese romantic sci-fi drama directed by Allen Lan and Zhao Tian Yu.