Encyclopedia of Hopeless Love
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Koga Madoka (Fumika Baba) is a young woman who has never had a sexual encounter, but has had her fair share of boyfriends. Despite her apparent innocence, she will never let herself be pushed around by a man – and if a potential partner gets too forceful, she is happy to give him a fierce scolding in public. Fukuma Chiyo (Hisamatsu Ikumi) is a hopeless romantic: She spends her free time reading romance-themed manga novels – and dreams of meeting a man who might come straight from the pages of one of these books. And Chidori Sawako (Hinako Sano) always seems to fall for men who would make second-rate boyfriends...or horrible husbands! These three women are also best friends. And they love to do nothing more at night than to meet up over some cold beers and tell each other about some of the dreadful dates they have been on, and the mismatched men who they have had romantic encounters with! From an overly forward businessman with nothing but sex on his mind to a handsome gentleman with a hair loss problem, there seems to be no shortage of bad men out there – and this trio seems to have dated them all! “Encyclopedia of Hopeless Love” is a 2018 Japanese drama series that was directed by Yamamoto Daisuke.