Goodbye, My Love
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Known throughout the world of architecture as the ultimate power couple, Zhang Yi (Song Jia) and Zhang Xin (Yu En Tai) were the absolute envy of everyone they knew. Highly successful in their individual careers, it was only natural for them to be equally successful in their marriage. When Zhang Yi learned she was pregnant, she felt her life had reached the zenith of perfection. When Zhang Xin volunteered to resign his position and take on the role of full-time stay-at-home-father, Zhang Yi was convinced she had married the perfect man. But five years later, life has started to lose the rosy pink glow it once had. While her career is as successful as ever, Zhang Yi’s home life seems to be crumbling around her. Having accidentally discovered that her husband has been having an affair, Zhang Yi is determined to uncover the truth. But what starts as a simple investigation into her husband’s affair soon spirals out of control as Zhang Yi uncovers a seething cesspool of lies that threatens to ruin everything she holds dear. Determined to do whatever it takes to salvage what’s left of her life while she still can, Zhang Yi confronts her husband. But his constant denial of the truth only widens the rift between them and soon her heart longs for nothing but revenge. Now she must ask herself, how far is she willing to go to get what her heart desires most? A story of complicated lies and revenge, “Goodbye, My Love” is a 2020 mystery drama directed by Liu Ziwei.