Gourmet in Tang Dynasty
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At twenty-six years old, Yang Xiao Xiao wasn’t exactly the picture of success. With no house, no car, and no boyfriend, Xiao Xiao didn’t have much but what she did have was an unwavering love of food. No matter how bad things got, Xiao Xiao took comfort in knowing that food would always be there to comfort her.  There’s just one problem with loving food. When you live in a world where thinness is hailed as the ultimate standard of beauty, an intense passion for food feels a bit like a curse. Which is why, on more than one occasion, Xiao Xiao has wished she could have lived during the time of the Tang Dynasty, where plump women were considered to be the epitome of beauty. Tired of being harassed about her size, Xiao Xiao wishes with all her heart that she could transport back in time. Little does she know, her wishes are about to come true! Passing out in the modern world, Xiao Xiao awakes to find herself possessing the body of Yuan Wan Er (Li Zi Xuan), a painfully thin Tang Dynasty girl whose frail form has kept all the potential suitors away.  Thrilled by the chance to live her dream, Xiao Xiao embraces her new life as Wan Er. But life in the Tang Dynasty is a bit more complicated than she originally imagined it to be, especially once a certain gentleman catches her eye. Will Xiao Xiao really be able to survive in this unfamiliar world? A delicious, time traveling treat, “Gourmet in Tang Dynasty” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Zhang Ke.