Hello, My Shining Love
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Dugu Ruo Nan (Joe Chen) is a super-ambitious, haughty, highly strung, but peerless talent manager for a top Chinese entertainment agency. She manages a whole host of stars, including the temperamental, bratty, and cruel Song Zi Hao (Wang Zi Rui), who keeps threatening to walk off the set of a drama he is currently filming. One day, during filming, an incident halts the shoot on the rooftop of a nearby building. A model has been taken hostage by her knife-wielding boyfriend, who is threatening to kill her. Dugu Ruo Nan tries to talk the man down and the head of the fashion firm where the model works, Ji Mo (Jin Han) also comes to the scene. Using a range of trickery, Dugu Ruo Nan and Ji Mo manage to save the model, but part on bad terms. Song Zi Hao goes on to betray Dugu Ruo Nan, leaving her in deep trouble at work. To make matters worse, she must lease out a house – only to find that Ji Mo is the new tenant. Ji Mo, who is also gifted with the ability to read people’s facial expressions, is perhaps the only person who can match Dugu Ruo Nan when it comes to being highly strung. Each then attempts to trick and double-cross the other, but they both find it difficult to outwit the other party. However, as they continue trying the better of each other, an unexpected spark of romance ignites. Could their fierce adversity one day turn into love? “Hello, My Shining Love” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Ming Zhang.