Hey Sensei, Don't You Know?
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One of the most admired and beloved romance manga writers of her time, Hanai Ao (Fumika Baba) has dedicated her entire life to her work. From sunup to sundown, she pours one hundred percent of herself into what she does and it shows. With countless fans clamoring for her latest work, Hanai is at the top of her game. As one of the best romance writers in the country, you’d think Hanai would be experienced in the world of love, but in reality, she’s never even had a boyfriend. A fact that her editor likes to point out. Frequently. Completely fed up with the constant nagging of her editor, Hanai decides to take a walk, completely unaware that she looks like she's just survived a typhoon. Completely indifferent to anything but her work, Hanai has never bothered with her appearance. At least not until she catches her reflection in a shop window and has to do a double-take. Feeling inspired to make a change, Hanai walks into a nearby salon, where she’s immediately greeted by Riichi (Eiji Akaso), a charismatic and charming stylist who promises to give her a look she’ll love. Struck by Riichi’s charm, Hanai soon finds herself falling for this man she can’t seem to resist. Lucky for her, the feeling seems to be mutual. With love in the air, it’s only a matter of time before Hanai finds herself experiencing all the joys of a first love, but her strict work ethic could become a problem. Can a workaholic really keep a steady relationship when she frequently forgets her boyfriend even exists? Based on the manga of the same title by Aya Asano, “Hey Sensei, Don’t You Know?” is a 2019 romance drama directed by Keijiro Tsubakimoto and Tatsuya Aoki.