Hope or Dope 2
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Having been used as a drug mule by her parents for ages, eighteen-year-old Kyung Da Jun (Won Jin An) might have been stuck in her old life forever, had not a series of unfortunate events during one of her deliveries forced her to flee. Taking refuge in a small rural village nestled deep in the heart of the South Korean countryside, Da Jun might have had a chance to start a brand new life, but fate, it seemed, would not be so kind. Befriending Gong Yoon Tak (Yoon Chan Young) and his friends, Gong Yoon Jae (Yoon Hyun Soo), Kim Kook Hee (Han Se Jin), and Hong Ae Ran (Yang Seo Hyun), not long after her arrival, Da Jun could have spent her remaining teenage years in relative peace. But when the group discover a perfectly cultivated field of marajuana growing just outside the village, everything changes. Unable to resist the urge to use this discovery to her advantage, Da Jun quickly pulls Yoon Tak and his friends into her world of drugs and crime. Though able to overcome one set of difficulties, the friends now find themselves forced to overcome an entirely different set of obstacles. With their lives on the line, will Da Jun, Yoon Tak, and their friends be able to find a way out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into before it’s too late? Picking up where season one left off, “Hope or Dope 2” is a 2022 South Korean teenage noir drama directed by Jo Yong Ik.