Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour
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Jo Frost is considered one of America's foremost authorities on child care, having starred in TV shows and written books about the topic. In each episode of this series, Frost travels to a different U.S. city to work with a family that desperately needs her help with its kids. Before arriving, Frost observes the family via surveillance cameras in the home to find out exactly what challenges the parents face. During her stay, she gives the parents tools they can use to improve their parenting styles. Frost also gives homework assignments to ensure they stay on track with the skills they gain from her. In addition to helping a family one-on-one, Frost goes out into the community to offer advice and give on-the-spot quick fixes in locations like shopping malls, parks and schools. It's all part of Frost's mission to save America's families one community at a time.
Starring Jo Frost