Kill Heel
Available on Viki, CJ ENM Selects
The world of cable TV home shopping may seem harmless enough to outsiders, but little do most viewers and shoppers know that fierce competition is the rule at UNI Home Shopping, South Korea’s most successful television shopping network. Three women in particular have set their eyes on reaching the very pinnacle of the industry – and will let nothing (and nobody) stand in their way. First is Ki Mo Ran (Lee Hye Young), the powerful Vice President of the network. Respected, feared, and admired, Ki Mo Ran worked her way up from the bottom: She started off life as the most junior of employees and slowly worked her way to the boardroom. She is now just inches from attaining absolute power. But there are other pretenders to this much-coveted throne. These include Bae Ok Sun (Kim Sung Ryung), one of the channel’s star presenters. Her performance is outstanding, and she has earned herself a reputation for selling out the products she promotes with remarkable alacrity. But she holds secrets that, if revealed, could cause her problems in her own quest for success. Rounding out the number is Woo Hyun (Kim Ha Neul), a fellow presenter with a middling track record. Her bubbly on-screen persona is a hit, but other issues are dogging her. When she undergoes an unexpected change, she also begins to eye the top. Who will succeed in the race for the #1 slot? “Kill Heel” is a 2022 South Korean drama series that was directed by No Do Cheol.