Melancholy of the Betrayed
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In many respects, Noburu Tagawa (Atsuhiro Inukai) is the very definition of an ideal husband. He loves his wife dearly, has a good, well-paying job, voluntarily helps out around the house, and to top it all off, he’s also incredibly handsome. In all honesty, it would be hard to find a husband more perfect and yet, it would seem that his wife, Aiko (Miona Hori), still finds him lacking. Frustrated in a marriage that feels more like one of convenience, rather than love, Aiko has recently felt her heart waver, when in the presence of a different man. Unable to resist the heart-fluttering attention of her boss, Aiko gradually begins to return his obvious feelings for her. Soon caught up in a heated affair, Noburu is crushed when he uncovers the truth about Aiko and her boss.  Devastated by Aiko’s betrayal, Noburu soon teams up with the wife of Aiko’s new lover to exact their revenge. Will their plan bring them the catharsis they seek, or will it only serve to make matters worse? Adapted from the manga series, “Saretagawa no Blue” by Chika Semoto, “Melancholy of the Betrayed” is a 2021 Japanese drama directed by Smith.