Preachers of Atlanta
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Atlanta is the setting of this reality series that follows five pastors in the city, highlighting the different approaches they take to their ministries. The series takes a look at the pastors as they tackle polarizing issues and hot-button topics, ranging from the validity of unorthodox ministry techniques to the effects of racial tension involving law enforcement officials. "Preachers of Atlanta" profiles ministers who include Corey Hambrick, who splits his time between his ministry and his work as a police officer; Grammy winner Le'Andria Johnson, who employs unorthodox methods in her ministry; rapper-songwriter Canton Jones, who juggles his musical career with serving his congregation; life coach Kimberly Jones-Pothier, a well-known evangelist with a desire to travel the world to share her passion with others; and Judah Swilley, a fifth-generation preacher whose goal is to get young people to return to the church.