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Having recently suffered a huge blow to her career, psychologist He Dun (Yang Zi) is currently struggling with her own set of psychological problems. Understandably depressed, He Dun’s friend, Xiao Xi, invites her out to dinner, where she happens to meet Ye Jia Hai (Wang Jia) and Qian Kai Yi (Jing Bo Ran). After speaking with Kai Yi, He Dun is persuaded to join him in hosting a radio program devoted to helping callers with their psychological issues.  Working closely with Kai Yi, He Dun’s career takes a positive turn as fans of their radio program start turning up to her counseling clinic in droves. With a successful radio program, a clinic that gets busier by the day, and very strong feelings developing between her and Kai Yi, He Dun couldn’t be happier. But fate, it would seem, can’t allow He Dun’s happiness to last for long. When her mentor, Ji Ming Cong (Huang Jue) is caught up in a scandal, He Dun is determined to uncover the truth. But as she searches for the answers that will clear her mentor’s name, her family life slowly begins to unravel. Overwhelmed by stress at both home and work, He Dun finds herself relapsing as traumas from her past begin to resurface. Struggling to keep her life from falling apart around her, He Dun begins to reevaluate her priorities. Will this struggling doctor find a way to help others if she can’t first find a way to help herself? Based on the novel of the same name by Bi Shu Min, “Psychologist” is a 2021 romance drama directed by Ke Wen Li.