Sand Sea
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High schooler Li Cu (Leo Wu) has his world turned upside down when he is recruited by experienced tomb raider Wu Xie (Qin Hao) – and whisked off to a deadly part of the Badain Jaran Desert. The region is notorious: No explorer has ever returned alive. But Wu Xie resolves to unearth the secrets of the desert together with Li Cu and a band of hardy adventurers. Wu Xie is not the only explorer keen to recruit Lu Ci. The high schooler's back is covered in mysterious markings that provide crucial clues on how to navigate the desert – and discover the lost treasure in the region's tombs. As the explorers continue their quest, they must contend with a whole range of threats – including rival tomb raiders, fierce mummies, and more! "Sand Sea" is a 2018 Chinese drama series produce by Fang Fang and Bai Yi Cong.