Secret of the Three Kingdoms
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When the twin sons of an emperor and a concubine are separated, one grows up to become emperor and one lives secretly as a commoner. Twin brothers Liu Ping and Liu Xie (Ma Tian Yu)grow up very differently but end up back together in adulthood with only each other to lean on. Liu Xie is raised by his grandmother, the Empress Dowager Dong, and becomes Emperor Xian while Liu Ping is secretly taken out of the palace and grows up as a commoner with Sima Yi (Elvis Han). When fighting breaks out among different factions, Emperor Xian loses control of the kingdom to the powerful warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwan Ho). When Emperor Xian learns about the existence of his twin brother, he summons him to the palace. Can Liu Ping, with the help of Sima Yi, Empress Fu Shou (Regina Wan) and other Han loyalists, help the emperor save the Eastern Han Dynasty? “Secret of the Three Kingdoms” is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Patrick Yau. It is based on the novel San Guo Ji Mi by Ma Bo Yong.