Single & Ready to Mingle
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Bong Joo Yi (Choi Yoo Jung) and Ji Yeon Seo (Kim Do Yeon) have been best friends their entire lives. Growing up, they attended the same all-girls middle school, the same all-girls high school, and even attended the same women’s university. Now hard-working young women, determined to make their dreams come true, the two best friends are doing their best. But sometimes making dreams come true isn't easy, especially when it comes to love. Convinced she and Joo Yi would have a better chance at love, if they were around actual men, Yeon Seo convinces her best friend to move into Sol House, a co-ed share house that three handsome young men, Woo Seung Bong (Jeong Hyo Jun), Kang Joon Woo (Kim Min Chul), and Ma Hoon (Mun Ji Hu), just happen to call home. Agreeing to follow where Yeon Seo leads, the two best friends move in and quickly learn that having men in your life makes everything a bit more… complicated. With hearts easily swayed by every kind gesture or friendly smile, Joo Yi and Yeon Seo find themselves falling for their new housemates. But not one of the guys seems keen on returning their feelings. Will two best friends, so inexperienced in love, really be able to find their soulmate amidst the chaos of life at Sol House? A hilarious, idol-filled romp, “Single & Ready to Mingle” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by Kang Hyun Na.