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An incredibly popular idol with a shining career ahead of him, Shu Zhan (Li Wen Han) is one of the hottest superstars on the scene. With his face on everything from billboards to beauty products, he’s become a household name. But behind this glamorous exterior is a man hiding a life-altering secret. Suffering from haphephobia, Shu Zhan is crippled by a fear of touching others or being touched. With the entire world watching him, he is forced to hide his secret from everyone around him but it’s not always easy.  Unbeknownst to him, Shu Zhan isn’t the only one in the entertainment industry who is suffering. An aspiring actress, Xiao Xing (Du Yu Chen) dreams of someday taking the spotlight. There’s just one problem, every time she’s in front of a camera, she freezes up. Unable to overcome her severe stage-fright, Xiao Xing is doomed to be nothing more than an extra her entire life. Or so she thinks. When fate brings Shu Zhan and Xiao Xing together, they find that suddenly, everything in their life has changed. Able to make contact with Xiao Xing without suffering any of his usual symptoms, Shu Zhan hires her as his assistant. With new possibilities opening before them, will hSu Zhan and Xiao Xing be able to find a way to move forward together? Based on the novel by Zi Yu Er, “Sm:)e” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Cai Cong.

Season 1