Stealth Walker
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Deep in the heart of Lingnan City, hidden from the eyes of the blissfully unaware, lies a dark and dangerous world, run by powerful drug lords whose insatiable thirst for money and power has destroyed an unfathomable number of lives. Among those consumed by the drug lords’ power was Captain Cheng Ji, a member of the city’s hard-working Anti-Drug Brigade. Desperate to bring down those who would hurt one of her own, Officer Lin Qiang (Lin Peng) agrees to go undercover to infiltrate one of the city’s most powerful drug organizations. Now successfully hidden deep within the ranks of the Qiu Hu Group, Li Qiang wastes no time in collecting the evidence and information needed to bring the organization down. As part of her mission, she befriends Zhang Xian He (Zheng Ye Cheng), the adopted son of the powerful drug lord and Qiu Hu Group rival, Ma Hong Tao. Working side-by-side, Li Qiang has no trouble using her relationship with Xian He to glean information. But the more they’re together, the more complicated her feelings become. Unfortunately, Li Qiang’s conflicting feelings are the least of her problems once Xian He uncovers her true identity. With a deadly war between drug lords looming, her cover compromised, and her heart in shambles, Li Qiang’s life hangs by a thread. Poised to take down multiple organizations, Li Qiang willingly risks it all, but will her efforts prove fruitful or futile? Brimming with danger and suspense, “Stealth Walker” is a 2021 crime drama directed by Hong Ling.