The Heavenly Idol
Available on Viki, CJ ENM Selects
Chaos ensues when Lembrary (Kim Min Kyu), the high priest of an otherworldly realm, is transported into modern-day South Korea. Swapping souls with Woo Yeon Woo, the lead of the failing K-pop group, Wild Animal, Lembrary is hopelessly out of his depth until Yeon Woo’s biggest fan, Kim Dal (Go Bo Gyeol) steps in to help. As Wild Animal’s new manager, Kim Dal not only helps Yeon Woo but changes the fate of the entire group. But Lembrary isn’t the only one who has traveled from the spirit realm. When a powerful force of chaos threatens to destroy everything, can Lembrary and Kim Dal save the day? Directed by Park So Yeon and Lee So Yoon, this is a delightful 2023 South Korean drama series.