When a Man Falls in Love
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Tae Sang left alone after his mother's extramarital affair and, consequently, his father's death lived through a deprived childhood. He rose to second in command with the help of his mafia boss but is betrayed by him out of jealousy and suffers a near-death crisis. In the end, he rises to the top after eliminating his boss and becomes a successful businessman on entering the loan industry. He plans to prepare a cultural business for the woman he loves, Mi Do. Mi Do, well-rounded and accomplished, grew up strong-minded despite her family's poverty. Being aware of others' snobbishness, she is full of ambition to live a lavish life others will envy but feels the wall between her desire to rise in status and reality. Mi Do, who had received Tae Sang's support, realizes his thoughtfulness was actually loved. About to consider even marriage, she develops feelings toward Jae Hee, who she met while on a trip as if he were her destiny. While he has feelings for Mi Do, Jae Hee wishes to repay Tae Sang, who helped him attend a prestigious university and become confident in his own right.