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Imagine if anyone could broadcast one or two choice words, just to their neighbors? What if you could get up on the roof of your house or the balcony of your apartment and repeat one phrase or idea that said something about who you are or what you cared about. What would you say, what would people think if they heard you? Increasingly, that’s what’s happening, only instead of shouting, we’re broadcasting it through our wifi network names. Whyfi? is a short form documentary that compares people and places to their wifi network IDs. Against the diverse backdrop of the greater Toronto area, WhyFi is a funny, quirky look at the wifi names that pop up in different communities around the city. Shorter than a tweet, more hyperlocal than a facebook post, your wifi network name could be an in joke with your neighbors, an unfortunate practical joke, a passive aggressive rant to anyone within range. In WhyFi? we took to the streets and talked to people about their wifi network names, what they picked, why the picked it and if they ever considered all the neighbors, friends and passersby that may discover it.