Wild Racers - Costa Rica
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For those that have accepted the punishment at hand and relaxed under the considerable strain there is some respite at hand. Though racing through crocodile infested rivers and technical nigh time challenges is only for the self-initiated. Please don’t this at home. Leg 9/10/11 Canopy/Climbing/Horseback/Trek/Inner Tube 13km – After such physical duress and relentless racing our teams now face the challenging multi-disciplined leg. Despite the cooler temperatures of the night it is a challenging task to say the least, whilst for those who must endure this during the daylight hours it is almost beyond comprehension. . Leg 13 Mountain Bike 55km – With the field now falling apart under the strain the next 55km Mountain Bike leg has become a test of true human endurance. Teams begin to question their own abilities and turn to modern medicine to simple stay alive. How far can the human body be pushed is a question that beckons’ to be answered. Leg 14 Raft 36km – The best advice you can give to adventurers during this 36km Raft is quite simple stay in the boat. Give the crocodiles that line these shores the slightest chance and the results could be catastrophic. With little current or breeze to speak of and excruciating humidity creates some real challenges so close to the finish. Leg 15 Kayak 86km – Following on from the hard paddle of the raft our teams now face one of the longest kayaks faced by Wild Racers, 86km. As Coats Rica lies between two great oceans the tides play a major role in its waterways. This extreme test may for some seem trivial in relation to the finish line that awaits. Though in the end there are no losers and only winners as to survive such an expedition some say is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is Wild Racers and many will return next time. Stop number five on the adventure highway is Port Alfred, South Africa … Stay tuned.