Wild Racers - Ecuador
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From here on in the teams face an ever changing ecosystem as they head down from the dizzying heights and into he more tropical landscape that this regions is renowned for. The finish is in sight though all that seems to be on the minds of the leaders is pushing ahead to keep the gaps on the chasers. It is a true exploration in the mind, body and soul of each team. Leg 6 Trek 47km (cont’d) – Such an epic leg continues as our teams trek through the night and fight continued brutal weather with now the inclusion or impassable rivers and debilitating mud. Surviving on little or no sleep and very inadequate sustenance is really taking its toll though as dawn breaks there is some respite from the cold. Leg 7 Mountain Bike 140km – At last down at lower altitudes the teams now face an enormous 140km ride across some of the most remote regions in Ecuador together with some brutal tarmac sections and yet again extremely changeable climatic conditions. Navigation once again proves to be a crucial element to this race. Leg 8 Trek/Ropes 8km – At the conclusion of the mountain bike leg, with bodies extremely weary and minds faltering under sleep deprivation our teams now face an extremely challenging trek and rope section that is extremely difficult at this latter stage of the competition. Leg 9 Kayak 17km – The tropical region of Ecuador is as stunning as it is challenging. Our teams now face a brutal paddle along fast flowing rivers. When coupled with brutally tough portages with overloaded kayaks, this leg proves to be one of the most challenging of the race so far. Leg 10 Trek 5km – Completing a journey of such epic proportions is a feat in itself with almost three quarters of the starting teams falling short of the mark. The final 5km trek is the last piece of this complex puzzle where a victor is crowned and teams reflect on one of the most challenging journeys of a lifetime. This is Wild Racers and many will return next time. Stop number three on the adventure highway is Queenstown, New Zealand … Stay tuned.