A monotonous life has pushed the unfulfilled Forrest (Todd Blubaugh) to a voyage of self-discovery by living aboard his sailboat on an alluring lake. Soon he catches wind of the free-spirited Everly (Nicola Collie) and their idealistic dreams align for a thrilling and thought-provoking, romantic adventure. Can they survive, reconnect with nature and rewrite their own rules of modern existence, or will they discover that society operates the way it does for a reason?EMMY Award-winning filmmaker, Trevor Hawkins created Lotawana in his own backyard by writing, directing, shooting, editing, financing and literally almost dying in an underwater cave for his debut feature-film. While filming, the two lead actors fell in love on-screen and later married in real life.
Hauptdarsteller:innen Todd Blubaugh, Nicola Collie
Regie Trevor Hawkins