Doron Ben-David

Doron Ben-David

Doron Ben-David began his acting career in the familiar fashion: with a number of small, one-off parts on varyingly popular television series, namely Israeli projects like "The Island" (Children Channel 2007-2010) and "Scarred" (HOT 2013). It wouldn't be until after a few years in the business had passed that Ben-David began to find more prominent work, foremost as one of the starring players on the drama-thriller television series "Fauda" (Yes/Netflix 2015-). On the show, which centered on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Ben-David played Hertzel "Steve" Pinto, one member of an Israeli military unit. Shortly afterward, Ben-David was cast in "Dumb" (HOT 2016-), an Israeli adaptation of "21 Jump Street" (Fox 1987-1991). Around the same time, Ben-David also began to find work in features. Among his first film projects were "Our Father" (2016), an Israeli crime-drama, and "A New Spirit" (2017), a drama about two Israeli brothers who turn against each other when one converts from Judaism to Christianity; Ben-David played Shmuel, the brother who resented his sibling's confirmation and went to extreme means to prevent it.