Kim Hamilton

Actress Kim Hamilton appeared on the big screen many times over the course of her Hollywood career. Hamilton's career in acting began with her roles in various films like the dramatic adaptation "Something of Value" (1957) with Rock Hudson, the Harry Belafonte crime feature "Odds Against Tomorrow" (1959) and "The Leech Woman" (1960) with Phillip Terry. She also appeared in the Dick Shawn adventure "The Wizard of Baghdad" (1960), the dramatic adaptation "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962) with Gregory Peck and the Peter Fonda action picture "The Wild Angels" (1966). In the seventies and the eighties, Hamilton devoted her time to various credits, such as "Heavy Traffic" with Joseph Kaufman (1973), "Executive Suite" (CBS, 1976-77) and "Future Cop" (ABC, 1976-77). She also worked on "Body and Soul" (1982) starring Leon Isaac Kennedy. During the latter half of her career, she tackled roles on "Designing Women" (1986-1993), "In the Heat of the Night" (CBS, 1987-1994) and "Trade Winds" (NBC, 1993-94). Hamilton most recently acted in the family "Dude, Where's My Dog?" (2014) with Alexander G. Eckert.