Green Giants
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Green Giants is a story about how corporations can and are changing the world today. It’s a glimpse into a future where the planet and people coexist in a positive symbiotic relationship that will transform the way you think about business. Experts discuss some of the main problems in our ecosystem, and then a dream team of executives share insights into their business practices and what Green Actions they are taking. Green Giants provides a clear behind-the-scenes look at what some of the most innovative people and companies are doing today to transform the world for good – and do it at a profit! 3 years in the making, 31 top minds, hundreds of ideas and real life samples to inspire you and accelerate this global revolution. Covering food, Alternative Energy, Sharing Economies, Sustainable Home Living, clothing and shoes, home products and technologies, you can’t miss Green Giants!
Starring, Dean Kamen, Scott Jurek
Director Alexis Posternak