Puffins Impossible: Action Pack 6
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the loveable characters from Puffins Impossible. The Action Pack 6 includes 3 amazing episodes: Nothing But Treble; Fender Blender and Otto Mom Walrus Nothing but treble: When Johnny Puff goes away on a trip, he leaves his guitar with the Puffins for safekeeping. But the Puffins are a rowdy bunch and when the guitar goes missing, they have to band together to find it before JP returns! Fender blender: Otto is bored of the same old meals every day and wants to switch things up. And what luck - looks like the Puffins are using a brand new blender! But now, he has to get his hands on it... Otto mom walrus: When Otto's mom comes in for a visit, Otto tries to hide all evidence of his evil doings. But as the visit prolongs, we see the other side of the Walrus - the one that just needs some motherly love.
Starring Johnny Depp
Director Pavle Vučković, Boriša Simović