Ribbon Around the Bomb
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May 4th will see the release of Ribbon Around The Bomb, a musical film from Blossoms and DahDitDit. Filmed in the beautiful art deco Plaza in the band's hometown of Stockport, the film follows the lonely character of The Writer, played by Bafta winner Daniel Rigby, as he attempts to put on one last play to save his career in his hometown of Bombus. Ribbon Around The Bomb is directed by Edwin Burdis, a creative director, and artist. He brings stunning visuals as the camera traverses the Plaza in long hypnotic takes, depicting The Writer's slow mental collapse.Six songs from the band's No.1 album are featured as songs from The Writers play as he struggles to whip his cast and crew into shape while rehearsing Ribbon Around The Bomb. At the film's opening, we learn of The Writer's three rules for his productions, no feeding his pet/bartender Rocco Coco, no falling in love with each other, and no drinking; all will be broken by himself or his cast at the end of the film.Ribbon Around The Bomb, the musical film from the minds of Blossoms and DahDitDit is the bizarro musical comedy behind the smash UK No.1 of the same name. Featuring 6 songs from their No.1 selling album, the band themselves, and a host of other characters the film is a one-shot leap into the mind of director Edwin Burdis. He spins a tale of a struggling theatre director and writer played by Bafta winner Daniel Rigby, attempting to reinvigorate their career with one last play, while managing his cast a critical reviewer, and his own inner demons.