The Way Home
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The film follows Vorel's films The Road from the City and The Road to the Forest, creates a closed trilogy from them and completes the fates of all the main characters. In The Way Home, Bolek Polívka and Eva Holubová will return in the lead roles as the Papoš agricultural family, Tomáš Hanák and Barbora Nimcová as the immigrant family from the city, Tomáš Vorel Jr. and Lucie Šteflová as the fisherman Ludva and his wife. Milan Šteindler will also appear in the role of the trained chairman of the hunters or Dominika Elischerová, whom people know from social networks such as Mína. The old and traditional farmer Papoš is beginning to worry about his old age and the fact that his son Ludva does not want to take over the farm. Ludva wants to stay in the local forest. But the forest administration wants to sell the hunting lodge where he lives. His wife irritates the village with her "organic" approach to life and has to come to terms with the fact that some local women have been slandered by the handsome Ludva. Tomáš, who once moved from the city and from the office to the village, is already firmly attached to the village, works as a lumberjack in the woods and likes to sneeze, while his wife is interested in meditation in nature.
Starring Tomáš Vorel Jr., Lucie a Ema Šteflová, Eva Holubová
Director Tomáš Vorel