Jules Ahoi - Songbook
Erhältlich bei Prime Video
“I never heard anyone say that, and yeah, I know exactly what it means. It has to go in there, this has to be a song.” Every song has its own story, and we all think it’s a story we’ve heard before, but we haven’t. Songbook finds and captures these intriguing stories by pulling you into the process of writing and composing. Known for its pristine sound, cinematic 4k video and eye for detail, Songbook live-captured episodes emphasize the paramount importance of quality. It addresses the on-the-spot elements of blending song and location at the right moment. Both the magical location and remarkable music interaction will get the attention they deserve. Simply because Songbook isn’t just a live music session, it lives. This episode of Songbook features Jules Ahoi, a German singer-songwriter from Cologne, whose indie folk-style is reminiscent of Ben Howard's and Bon Iver's early works. Jules' musical journey began in 2012 with the release of his first EP "Sounds From Sunday Evening". He left university soon after, moving to France in an old VW van to pursue his artistic ambitions. Having captivated crowds at over 200 live gigs, including four shows at the Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg in 2019 and many sold out concerts in 2019, Jules Ahoi has fine-tuned his unique voice and musical skill since he first emerged in 2012. On June 12, his debut album "DEAR____" will finally see the light of day. For this Songbook session, he performs his songs "Love Let It Flow" and "To Become" in the city of Groningen.