Alex Castillo

Alexandra Castillo was a Chilean actress who enjoyed a steady and successful career in film and television. Born in Santiago, Chile, Castillo and her family soon after moved to Toronto, Canada, where she was raised. From a young age, Castillo was a natural performer, spending her childhood studying flamenco and ballet, and appearing in commercials and local theatre throughout high school and college. After earning a master's degree in Latin American studies, Castillo began acting full time. Her first screen appearance came in a 1999 episode of the crime drama "Dead Man's Gun" (Showtime, 1997-99). The next year, Castillo made her film debut with a small role in the Arnold Schwarzennegger sci-fi thriller "The 6th Day" (2000). She followed that up with a cameo in the crime drama "Missing" (A&W Network/Lifetime, 2003-06), her first series regular gig in the legal comedy "This Is Wonderland" (CBC Television, 2004-06), and the made for TV holiday movie "The Wool Cap" (CBS, 2004). Like any good Canadian thespian, Castilo next made an appearance on the uber-popular teen drama spinoff "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (CTV/MuchMusic/MTV Canada, 2001-2015). Her next TV regular gig was on the Ving Rhames-led reboot of the popular '70s detective drama "Kojak" (USA Network, 2005), which was cancelled after only one season. A few more appearances in short-lived TV shows and made for TV movies followed, before Castillo was cast in a bona fide blockbuster, Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic action thriller "2012" (2009). After landing series regular gigs once again on the crime drama "Lucky 7" (ABC, 2013), and the interactive supernatural web series "Guidestones" (YouTube, 2012-), Castillo made waves with an appearance on the Stephen King-adapted miniseries "11.22.63" (Hulu, 2016), and the series adaptation of Steven Soderbergh's erotic drama "The Girlfriend Experience" (Starz, 2016-). She most recently appeared alongside Jessica Chastain in the lobbying drama "Miss Sloane" (2016), and as Louise in the darkly comedic series "Mary Kills People" (GTN, 2017-).