Sihung Lung

Actor Lung Sihung had a long career in Taiwanese films and soap operas, but is perhaps known best to Western audiences for his roles in the films of director Ang Lee. A native of China, Lung joined Chiang Kai-shek's army in his youth, but fled to Taiwan after the Chinese Communist Party gained control of the mainland. Following his escape, he began acting as a member of an army acting troupe; his experience led to a long, prolific career in film and television. Lung was introduced to Western audiences when he was chosen by Ang Lee for the role of a culturally conflicted man who moves to New York to live with his son and American daughter-in-law in the 1992 drama "Pushing Hands." He went on to play similar roles in several of Lee's other films, including portraying the father of a gay man who plans to marry a woman to satisfy his parents in the 1993 film "The Wedding Banquet" and a widowed chef and father of three unmarried women in the 1994 film "Eat Drink Man Woman." Lung also had a notable part in Lee's 2000 blockbuster martial arts film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which took an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.