Sophie Gendron

Sophie Gendron was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. She additionally landed roles in the TV movies "A Woman Hunted" (2003-04), "Stranger at the Door" (Lifetime, 2003-04) and "Wall of Secrets" (Lifetime, 2003-04). She also appeared in "Saving Emily" (Lifetime, 2004-05) and "A Lover's Revenge" (Lifetime, 2005). She also starred in the TV movies "Maid of Honor" (2005-06), "Murder in My House" (Lifetime, 2005-06) and "The Perfect Marriage" (Lifetime, 2005-06). She also appeared in "Demons From Her Past" (Lifetime, 2006-07) and "Framed for Murder" (Lifetime, 2006-07). She also was featured in the TV movies "The Rival" (2006-07), "Dead at 17" (Lifetime, 2007-08) and "The Perfect Assistant" (Lifetime, 2007-08). She also appeared in "Fugitive at 17" (Lifetime, 2011-12) and "Guilty at 17" (Lifetime, 2013-14). Most recently, Gendron appeared in "The Husband She Met Online" (Lifetime, 2013-14).