The Queen of Attack
Erhältlich bei Viki
In many ways, Liang Wei Wei (Wang Lu Qian) was just like every other girl her age. She went to school, hung out with her friends, and loved to fangirl over her favorite idol, Jing Qing (Ryan Cheng). But there was one aspect of Wei Wei’s life that was far from normal. Gifted with near-superhuman strength, Wei Wei was an incredible track and field athlete with an impressive record. Even so, her exceptional strength wouldn’t be what changed Wei Wei’s life forever; but something else entirely. Mysteriously transported into a historical drama starring her number one idol, Jing Qing, it doesn’t take Wei Wei long to realize she’s not the star of the show. Cast as the disgraced empress who is destined to die by the third episode, Wei Wei refuses to accept her character’s tragic fate. Well acquainted with the plot mechanics of an idol drama, Wei Wei decides to use her knowledge to change her fate.  Determined to become the drama’s heroine and win the heart of emperor Jing Qing, Wei Wei gets to work. But deviating from the script proves more difficult than she initially imagined. Will Wei Wei be able to change her destiny and win the heart of the man she loves, or will she be forced to accept her character’s tragic fate? An adorable little love story, “The Queen of Attack” is a 2021 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Wu Cheng Feng.