Deion's Double Play
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Brash. Electric. Magnetic. It would be hard to find another athlete whose brilliance on the field was such a manifestation of his persona beyond it as Deion Sanders. Sure, there were other stars who played more than one sport, and there were other figures whose individuality got your attention - but there was no one who did it quite like the man who loved the spotlight so much, he called himself "Prime Time." And there was no instance that encapsulated his abilities, and his conviction in how limitless they were, more spectacularly than a whirlwind 24 hours in October of 1992 - when Sanders sandwiched a pro football game around a pair of postseason baseball games, in two different cities a thousand miles apart. Now, in the upcoming 30 for 30 film Deion's Double Play, NFL Films and director Ken Rodgers along with SMAC Entertainment tell the story of an incredible feat of athleticism - and logistics - starting in Pittsburgh, where Sanders was with the Braves for the National League Championship Series, continuing to Miami, when he played for the Falcons the next day, and returning back to Pittsburgh, where he joined the Braves again that night. It was a race against time, and a stunt in the minds of some. But beneath all the controversy, audacity, and brio, it was also an incredible athlete trying to reconcile a love for two sports at once.