Escape Room
Brice is desperate. He is the owner of Deranged, the #1 rated escape room in 2014, but the horror attraction has lost its luster, and Brice is drowning in debt. He needs to add to the creepy factor at Deranged. At a local antiquities shop, Brice acquires the Skull Box, thinking it would increase scares inside the escape room. Brice fails to heed the warning that the Skull Box housed a demonic entity.Jeff and Ben, two horror hounds, have convinced their girlfriends, Jess and Angie, to partake in an hour at Deranged. They explain the game. The team needs to work together to solve various puzzles/riddles in order to find the clues that will allow them to solve the room, unlock the door and escape. They have an hour to accomplish this. If they fail to solve the room when time runs out, it's game over.Inside Deranged, the friends work on finding a way out of the room. Soon they realize they aren't alone. RJ, an actor in a mask, shares the dark room with them, enveloped in shadow and chained to the wall. His intent is to "kill" them. Every five minutes a geared wheel turns once, giving him a few more feet of chain to work with. His ever nearing presence adds to the pressure of finding the way out.When Jeff opens the cursed Skull Box looking for clues, he frees the ancient demon trapped inside. Now things take a drastic turn. The entity possesses RJ and he brutally kills one of the kids. Now the three remaining friends know they're stuck in the escape room with a crazed killer who gets closer to them as the minutes count down. The kids will have to continue "playing the game" and solve the room before time runs out or RJ will kill all of them. Time is ticking. Their lives are on the line.
Starring Skeet Ulrich, Sean Young, Christine Donlon
Director Peter Dukes