The Nutcracker
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It is Christmas Eve, and the Stahlbaum family is happily unwrapping their Christmas gifts. After all the merriment, seven-year-old Marie receives a very special gift, a mysterious Nutcracker, from her beloved Godfather Drosselmeier. When the house falls dark and silent, Marie discovers that this is no ordinary Nutcracker, but Godfather Drosselmeier's nephew, who was transformed into a wooden toy by the curse of the evil Madame Mouserink. To break the curse, the Nutcracker must win the love of Marie and defeat the malicious, seven-headed Mouse King. With a battalion of toy soldiers brought to life, and the help of brave Marie, the Nutcracker defeats the wicked Mouse King and breaks the spell. Every child will be charmed as the Nutcracker prince takes Marie to visit his beautiful kingdom where they float down the Honey River... eat shooting stars that turn into sugar plums... walk through Christmas Wood... and dance in Marzipan Castle.
Starring Tony Ail, Bailee Reid
Director Toshiyuki Hiruma, Takashi