The Rolling Stones: On the Rock Trail
From their beginnings in the 60s, The Rolling Stones were rebels, the very antithesis of their rivals, The Beatles. Track the Stones from their middle-class roots, through their international recognition as the bad boys of Rock. Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards met in Dartford Station, London where they formed a musical union to last a lifetime. Brian Jones was not so lucky and he died tragically young. Bill Wyman no longer rolls with the Stones but Charlie Watts has remained a steady constant throughout, and not-quite-so-new boy Ronnie Wood has held on for the ride. Follow these legendary musicians and find the spaces and places where they made their mark. There were colossal highs and desperate lows, addresses ranging from country mansions to spells of detention at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Yet The Rolling Stones have survived and still strut their stuff and fill arenas. Presented by former artist manager from London’s famous Tin Pan Alley, Liam Dale, “On the Rock Trail” takes you on an informative (and at times humorous) journey behind the scenes of these icons of the music industry. This documentary contains no music from The Rolling Stones and is not authorized by The Rolling Stones or any of their affiliate entities.
Starring Liam Dale
Director Liam Dale