Thieves and Robbers
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Bud Spencer plays Lieutenant Parker, an undercover special agent who is assigned the task of finding and arresting the elusive burglar Tony Roma. Tony uses his attractive charm to seduce rich women and steal their jewelry. Parker, who has just canceled a holiday with his family in order to track Tony down, is not happy about the task, but he manages to find Tony and to arrest him. Big problems for greasy haired Tony begin when he steals a ring of a well known politician with a personal dedication of the local mafia boss. When Tony is witness of a Mafia murder, the boss is after him too. Now Parker has to get him back and avoid the mob at the same time. Finally Alan succeeds in arresting Tony again and handing him over to the police. But things get even more complicated when Parker finds out that his colleague does not take him to prison, but calls the Mafia killers. Tony manages to escape and teams up with Parker against the gangsters. After funny jokes, massive punch-ups, humorous dialogues in English with a Neapolitan accent, Alan finally catches the Mafia boss and the politician with his own methods. Unforgettable when Bud poses as a household appliance representative, and the final fistfight. The catchy tune is composed by La Bionda Bros.
Starring Bud Spencer, Richard Liberty, Tomas Milian
Director Bruno Corbucci