Jeroen Perceval

Jeroen Perceval

Flemish actor Jeroen Perceval is best known to international audiences for his role in the dark drama "Bullhead," which was a foreign film-nominee at the 2012 Academy Awards. Part of an acting family, Perceval is the son of Luk Perceval, a noted Belgian actor and theater director. The younger Perceval graduated from the Herman Teirlinck Institute, a dramatic school that is part of the Royal Conservatory. After gaining stage training he began appearing in Belgian film and television productions, starting with the 2007 comedic drama "With Friends Like These," in a significant supporting role. He starred in the 2009 short "Prediker" and made several TV appearances, including stints on the comedies "Super 8" in 2009 and "Duts" the following year. After one more co-starring role the short "Bluf - From Four of a Kind to a Royal Blush," Perceval was given one of the principal roles in "Bullhead," a dark, unconventional crime drama. In the film Perceval plays the childhood friend of the main character, who is now working with a shady businessman. Perceval has also made appearances on several popular Belgian TV shows including a recurring part on the Flemish police series "Zone stad," which began in 2009. Off screen, he continues to be a stage actor and has also written plays for Belgian theater companies.